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Birchfield Community Primary School

Curriculum Voice Group

Curriculum Voice Group

At Birchfield Primary School we strongly believe that our children should be actively involved in leading positive change in our school.  Whilst there are always opportunities in class for discussion and debate, we recognise that a range of Pupil Voice groups sets up the perfect means for classes to feedback those ideas to the Headteacher and effect change.  

Our Curriculum Voice Group, has several representatives (selected by their class peers) for each year group who work with Mrs Messenger on specific projects and to canvas pupil opinion across the school on key issues that involve teaching and learning at Birchfield.  




I have really enjoyed taste testing different food items to put into our chocolate we are designing and making. Only a few of us liked the apricot and most of us like the chilli, which are complete opposites really! Year 4 
I like how we learn new things at school and the creative art we do. I especially liked making my own dream catcher on Arts Day. (Year 3) 
I loved our Roman Day because I got to dress up like an emperor and taste lots of different foods that the Romans would have eaten. (Year 3)

The Curriculum Voice meet at least every half-term to discuss a variety of different ideas. These are issues raised are aimed at developing our curriculum provision within the school for every child. 




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