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Birchfield Community Primary School



At Birchfield we have designed our own School’s curriculum, which is fully compliant with the 2014 National Curriculum and its subsequent assessment documentation.

We have also interwoven elements of our local school curriculum, in order to best meet the specific needs of our pupils.

We strongly believe in fitting our curriculum to the children we teach – rather than the other way round. We seek to ensure that our children encounter a rich and challenging learning experience through the breadth, flexibility and creativity of the curriculum that we provide, which sets out to promote the interest and engagement of both pupils and teachers.

We have a creative curriculum, which means that we link learning and skills from across all the subject areas into exciting topics which can be tailored by teachers to match their interests and the needs of the children in their class.  Using this approach we are able to make learning relevant, interesting and fun.  We enhance their curriculum through visits and visitors, alongside whole school focus days and trips.  We believe in promoting the values of Britain and the multicultural and inclusive society in which we live.

We seek the highest standards of attainment for all our children.  All children should have access to our curriculum, tailored to their individual needs.  We aim to reduce, and where possible, eliminate barriers to accessing the curriculum.

Our aim at Birchfield is that children leave our school competent, confident readers, writers and mathematicians with the skills they need to be successful, lifelong learners and positive members of society.

English - Writing

At Birchfield, we teach English through high-quality, engaging texts that are embedded into our topics. We aim to create a love of both reading and writing, to inspire learning and motivate all of our children. Specific skills from our curriculum are taught, rehearsed and then applied independently to build a community of enthusiastic readers and dedicated writers.

Please find here the key skills taught in writing.

English - Reading

At Birchfield we follow a range of reading schemes including Bug Club, Oxford Reading Tree and Ginn.  We believe in teaching reading through a phonic approach and learning some key common exception words.  Once the children have become confident readers they join the accelerated reader scheme and are able to choose their own books from the library.  Once they have finished a book the children take an accelerated reader quiz and change their book.

The children are rewarded for the amount of times they read at home, or for how many quizzes they take or how many words they have read.  We encourage the children to read books of their own and to develop a love of reading.

Please find here the key skills taught in reading.

English - Spelling and Phonics

At Birchfield we follow the Read Write Inc scheme to teach phonics from Reception through to year 2.  The children are assessed according to the scheme requirements and grouped accordingly.  Year 1 & 2 children are mixed and work in small groups with an adult and the same system is followed across Reception.  The scheme follows a synthetic phonic based approach with reading and writing based on a book looked at.  The letters and sounds are introduced through a rhyme e.g. ea – cup of tea.

Spellings are set for each group and link to the 2014 National Curriculum.

Children who have exceeded the scheme follow a similar approach using age appropriate books and looking at spelling patterns and spelling choices.

Please find here the key skills taught in spelling.


At Birchfield, we believe in teaching Mastery Maths and follow the Maths – No Problem! scheme to support our teaching.  Our aim is to give the children plenty of opportunities to learn and practice new skills but also to be to apply those skills in a range of problem solving situations.  As a result they will be fluent with their application of skills, will be able to reason and explain their thinking and methods clearly.

Please find here the key skills taught in Maths.


At Birchfield, we believe that science should be about using our enquiry skills with our senses to understand the workings of the universe. We know that our children learn best by taking part in practical activities, like experimenting. We like our children to ask big questions and try and use real life examples to find the answers to other people’s questions.

Please find here the key skills taught in Science.

Art and Design

As part of our creative curriculum we give purpose to our Art & Design work by linking it to the topics we are covering so as to make it engaging, inspiring and challenging.  We encourage the children to enjoy the skills taught and to be creative in their thinking and in what they produce.

Please find here the key skills taught in Art & Design.


At Birchfield, we believe that being able to confidently use a computer will be a fundamental skill that the children will need when they are older. In our curriculum, we help children develop their skills in using computers to research ideas, create interesting media and present their findings. We also have a progressive programming curriculum that allows the children to learn about controlling simple machines and eventually learn to code in a range of programming languages. We also have a fantastic e-safety curriculum that teaches the children: the dangers of fake websites, the problems and uses of social media, the importance of respecting intellectual property and how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

Please find here the key skills taught in computing.

Design and Technology

At Birchfield we teach design and technology as part of our creative curriculum linked closely to the topics are children are learning.  Over the year this can range from designing and making a superhero cape to preparing and making a fruit salad.

Please find here the key skills taught in D & T.


We teach Geography through local studies and looking at the wider world through studying other countries.  We encourage a hands on approach and take the children outside to learn about the physical and human features of the world around us.

Please find here the key skills taught in Geography.


Here at Birchfield we immerse our children in the past using a range of primary and secondary resources.  The children have hands on opportunities with a range of artefacts to encourage curiosity.  We organise trips and themed historical days to help immerse our children in the past.

Please find here the key skills taught in History.


In our school we have chosen to teach Spanish as our MFL.  By the time the children leave us we aim that they will have a good understanding of the language and be able to communicate effectively.

Please find here the key skills taught in Spanish.


At Birchfield, we believe in providing a music curriculum which engages, excites and inspires all pupils. We use an interactive music resource called Charanga Music School to ensure all music key skills are covered through the high quality teaching of our exciting and inspiring curriculum. Pupils also enjoy participating in choir and band, and have a range of opportunities for singing and performing throughout the school.

Please find here the key skills taught in music.

Physical Education

We encourage our children to be as active as possible.  We have set P.E. sessions each week and follow schemes of work that include a range of sporting activities.  In years 4, 5  & 6 the children go swimming for a term each year.  We run lots of sporting after school clubs that the children can sign up for.

Please find here the key skills taught in P.E.


SMSC at Birchfield is taught as within specific lessons and is also interwoven throughout topics, assemblies and various parts of the school day. At our school, we encourage adults to use everyday scenarios to demonstrate citizenship and being a good person to our pupils.

Please find here the key skills taught in SMSC.


At our school, we ensure that RE covers the main religions of the world and also offers viewpoints from non-religious groups. It is a space where young people can share their opinions and can compare them with the views of others. RE teaches us to celebrate the differences that make us humans and this is something that contributes to our inclusive and safe school environment.

Please find here the key skills taught in RE.

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