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The promotion of British values at Birchfield Primary School. 

British Values are defined as democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Schools are required to report on how they actively promote British Values among pupils. We live our values and encourage our children to do likewise. At Birchfield, we have our own set of school values (defined in April 2018) which underpin our school ethos. Our clear set of school values, complement and overlap the values defined as British, which we at Birchfield call “PRIDE”.

We refer to our PRIDE display as:

P = Positivity We have a ‘can do’ attitude

R = Respect We are all different and we treat everyone fairly

I = Independence  We think for ourselves

D = Democracy  We follow rules, and our voices are heard

E = Encourage Everyone  We help others do their best

 In our primary setting, we address British Values through the curriculum and in our 'day to day' interactions with children. The school has a strong SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) dimension to its curriculum which enables us to do so.

Our pride values are visible around school - displayed in our corridors and, more importantly, well understood by pupils and staff. Each week a child is presented with the values award in class celebration assembly - this is presented in front of the whole class. further raising their profile. Each value is regularly revisited e.g. through class assembly themes or SMSC lessons.



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