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Birchfield Community Primary School

Parent Voice

Parent Voice

Birchfield's Parent Voice Group was established in the second half of the Spring Term 2023.


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Regular, open communication and consultation is highly valued at Birchfield Primary School. The Parent Voice Group aims to represent the views of all parents and to be a voice to inform our school of the needs of children and families.

It facilitates communication between parents/carers and staff and governors. The group works to provide feedback on provision, offer a parent's perspective on current policy and practice and input into decision making and planning for future provision.  

The role of the Parent voice is consultative and advisory: the Governing Body and Headteacher remains the decision maker of the school and provides strategic leadership.




  • To support and promote children's learning at Birchfield. 
  • To help the school find out what parents and carers think about important issues. 
  • To involve parents and carers fully in the development of the school. 
  • To make plans that support the ways the school wants to develop and improve outcomes for our children. 

Meetings will be held termly, although additional communications will be maintained through forms if and when required. All meeting dates will be communicated via the weekly newsletter and held in our 'After School Club' classroom. 

It is import to discuss areas of strength as well as making suggestions for improvements as the school also needs to reflect on what is working well. 



My son has been inspired by your Art Day this term.
My children are happy at Birchfield and have positive experiences. They love the projects and have even enjoyed dressing up for Viking Day this year. 
The school is so friendly - all of my children have loved coming to school here. 
I think that Birchfield is a warm and welcoming school that has always involved me in my child's learning, especially through themed days. 

We value parent voice and we have looked through the parent surveys looking for ways in which we can improve. 

Below are examples of where we have taken on feedback and acted upon it: You said,  we did...

You said... We did...

Some parents wanted to talk to teachers directly about their progress and others felt they wanted a more flexible option. 

(Summer 2023)

Parent consultations offered in the Autumn Term as face to face and virtual. 


Communications with parents is good and you identified that the most useful forms of communication is via email, Facebook and our parent consultation meetings. 

Although communication was rated as good in our parent voice survey,  we are always trying to improve.

Don't forget that our Website has copies of letters and that our School Facebook Page and text messaging are used to send reminders to.

More extra curricular activities across the age ranges - especially more for KS1. 

We feel that the variety of extra curricular activities is important and we continually try to offer additional learning opportunities across the year (Dance, Netball, Football, Coding Clun, STEAM club and Birchfield Choir), however we acknowledge that the popular clubs can be over subscribed and we often try to address this where we can. 

Share children's celebration awards with parents. 

(Autumn 2024)


Homework - in the online survey you felt that homework was explained clearly most of the time. 


During Parent Voice meeting - the range of activities was raised. The homework projects were a big success and this was also felt by the children themselves. 


It was also noted that different year groups had different amounts and expectations of homework to be completed weekly and termly. 


Reading 3 times per week seemed to be consistent. 


Reception parents - enjoy completing the home learning journals with their child. 


Home learning projects is always a popular topic. Monitoring of the tasks set and the period of time to do them has revealed very few issues, with most task having at least 3 school weeks and the weekends before it is due.

As a school, we have reviewed this and taken on a more optional approach, providing you with a wider selection of activities to suit you and your child/ren within the time frames you have as busy parents. These have been rolled out this Spring Term (2024). 

However, please approach the class teacher directly if you have any concerns.

Bring back extra curricular opportunities for children across the school. 

(Summer 2023 - Spring 2024) 

Listening to what this meant to you and the children, we have reviewed and updated our whole school experiences using the 'Curriculum and Teachers' Voices'. 

Every class now has a Yearly Pledge and as a whole school we have created a Whole School Pledge - that offers your child/ren valuable experiences and opportunities that contribute to developing their cultural knowledge and awareness. 

Areas we could develop: 

You suggested that we provide more information on our class webpages - so that they are consistent across the ages. 


You would like to be offered more 'in school workshops' to help support your child/ren in their learning. 

Teachers ensure that their web pages are regularly updated and have a set of key elements that are a must have in order to ensure you are always kept up to date.

Lost Property 

We have created a more organised system for locating your child's/ren's missing items in the school corridor. Any named items are returned to the children in their classes at the end of a term, if they have not been collected.

Whilst unnamed items, are stored in the 'Lost and Found' drawer unit in the Year 5 corridor. 


GETTING INVOLVED - your feedback is a gift!




The Parent Voice membership is made up of parents and carers of children attending Birchfield Primary School.  Members of the senior leadership team and a representative of the governing body also attend meetings.   

If you would like to comment on any of the topics that will be discussed at the Parent Voice Group, the agenda will be posted on the Parent Voice Page of the Website and included in the School Newsletter, or raise new points for the following meeting, then you can either:


  • Complete a Parent Voice Feedback Form online or hand into the main office at school. 
  • Email Mrs. Messenger at office@birchfieldprimaryschool.co.uk
  • Talk to a representative of Parent Voice Group.



PARENT VOICE FEEDBACK - your feedback is a gift 



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