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Birchfield Community Primary School

After School Clubs

After School Clubs

After School Clubs

**Covid - 19 Update** Under the current restrictions we are now able to offer a multi-sports after school club to years 2 - 6 held in their class bubbles.  Please see letter attached.

 Multi-sports After School Club letter

 Multi-sports After School Club Letter - YR and Yr 1

In normal circumstances  all Clubs run from 3:20-4:15pm.

This is a selection of the clubs that we offer.


 Rugby is a team sport which is becoming increasingly popular. We teach children the rules of the game and improve their skills.


 Mixed football games are played where children learn the skills of the game and build on their fitness level and understanding of the importance of teamwork.


 We teach our children to run, jump, leap and flip with confidence.  

Cross Country

 Encouraging children to run long distance across fields and uneven ground, and not just tracks.


 An alternative to traditional hockey – the game is played with plastic sticks, shorter than in field hockey, and with a plastic, very light ball or a puck. Teams have one goalie who must stay within 5 feet of their goal.


 A seven-a-side game in which goals are scored by throwing a ball so that it falls through a netted hoop. The player receiving the ball must stand still until they have passed it to another player. An excellent way to develop teamwork skills.


Hockey is a team game played between two teams of eleven players each, using hooked sticks with which the players try to drive a small hard ball towards goals at opposite ends of a field.



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