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Science is when we learn to investigate the world around us.


Here at Birchfield,  we are passionate about providing our children with an enjoyable experience of Science, so they develop enquiring minds, as well as a deep and lasting interest in the world around them.  Our teaching of the key ideas provides the children with the skills and knowledge needed to raise curiosity and such questions to try to find answers through hands-on investigations. These investigations involve focused observation, careful planning, testing and measuring, as well as analysis of evidence in order to draw conclusions. Through the teaching of Science, we also aim to foster concern about, and active care for, our environment through the exploration of our local area as well as supporting our children to gain a wider understanding of how they can have a positive impact on the world around them. 

We are currently completing some curriculum development work and we started with Science. Therefore, our Science curriculum looks different to some of our other subject areas currently.

Science Resources 

Birchfield Primary School Science Curriculum Statement

Birchfield Primary School Science Curriculum

Birchfield Primary School Science Progression Map

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