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Birchfield Community Primary School



What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing(n): A state of complete physical and mental health that is characterised by high-quality social relationships. 


What do we do?

 The Wellbeing Action Group is developed to lead and support the school on its journey to a whole school approach to wellbeing.

 To do this the group will:

  • Set terms of referencethat include; a shared understanding of wellbeing, clearly identified areas of success and need, actions for the school year, agreed dates on which to review and monitor progress which is then fed back to the wider school community.
  • Meet regularly– every half term
  • Update the Wellbeing Audit
  • Develop sub-groups linked to identified areas of development
  • Employ creative practices as part of each meeting including; checking in, setting ground rules, using varied and stimulating activities to generate ideas, enabling contributions from everyone and making time to check out.
  • Celebrate success and achievementsby updating online scrap books linked to the Pillars of Wellbeing in addition to school-based events such as celebration assemblies, noticeboards, etc.
  • Submit progressto Public Health for quality assurance when appropriate


Birchfield’s Wellbeing Action Group (WAG)

Who are we?

Charlotte Parkes

Sarah Stringer

Zoe Dennis

Saffron Carnie

Michelle Richardson

Michaela Hodgson

Laura Charles

Maddie White

Natalie Mabey

Philippa Delahaye

Tracey Bowring

Sandra Featherstone

Anne-Marie Lock

Danny Garbett

Heather Bailey

Verity Walker

Beth Watts

Tracey Messenger

Danielle Barter


How can you be involved?

If you have any ideas on how to support our children’s wellbeing, or you would like to be more involved please do not hesitate to contact our pastoral team, or any of the staff named above, via the school office.

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