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Birchfield Community Primary School

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4




   Mr Garbett and Mrs Morgan.

Teaching Assistants:

  Mrs Delahaye, Mrs Bateson, Mrs Stansfield and Mrs Darton


Year Group News:

 Hello again and Happy New Year from everyone in Year 4. Last half term, the children made a huge amount of progress and learnt so much! Their times table knowledge has gone through the roof and they became experts in Egyptology. We are really looking forward to building on these successes in this new term.


Remember to check our school Facebook page for regular updates.

Year Group Information


In this section, we will keep you updated about any key organisational information you may find helpful.

P.E - Tuesday

PE will take place every Tuesday. Your child will be required to arrive at school on a Tuesday in their school PE kit. This includes trainers, a green P.E shirt and black bottoms. A plain, ideally black, jumper may also be appropriate as the weather turns colder. Additionally, long hair should be tied up and jewellery removed.

Attendance and Punctuality

If your child is not here or they are consistently late, they are not able to learn and make the same level of progress as their classmates. There will be times when your child is unwell and will need to stay at home - however, time off school has a dramatic and significantly negative impact on a child’s ability to achieve expected standards for their age. We ask that all children are here, lined up and ready to go to class when the bell rings at 8.55am.


It is important that the children attend school in the correct uniform. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, it creates a level playing field for our children, allowing them to learn without distraction. We also believe that when the children look smart, they feel ready to learn. It is also a great way to prepare the children for Secondary school. Therefore, please ensure that your child attends school in the correct uniform – more information about this is on our website – including black shoes. It is really helpful for us if all uniform items are clearly labelled. At this time of year, it would also be great if they could have a named, waterproof coat in school so that they can enjoy time outside too.

As part of this, we do encourage the children to also bring a named water bottle with them. If it is appropriate, please ensure that they have had suncream applied before school too. 



In Year 4, we expect children to read at least 3 times a week at home – this is the biggest key to success! As a result, we expect to see either their initials or your initials in the reading diary three times a week. This is something we monitor and discuss with the children. We also review their Accelerated Reader progress regularly to support this.

44 out of 60 of our children are now answering times table questions on Times Table Rock Star in 4 seconds or less! This is amazing news and shows just how much progress they have made in their multiplication knowledge.

 To help the children learn their multiplication facts, we will continue to do lots of work and practise of them in school. To help your child, we recommend they play as much Times Table Rock Stars as they can. We have set each child  homework of 3 minutes of Garage game practise each week. Doing practise in this way, little and often, has a huge impact on learning and is great fun. 


Phones and other recording devices

Please remember that our site is a mobile-device free site. This means that no devices should be used on our site by any children or adults in order to keep our children and our community safe.

We take our phone use and technology seriously - any children who do not comply with these rules will have their phone or recording device confiscated to the office and it will need to be picked up at the end of the day by an adult. We can also ask particular children to not bring their device to school altogether if necessary.

Online safety

As always, please let us know if you have any major concerns regarding internet use and safety. The link below is to a fantastic resource that covers all aspects of internet safety and provides step by step guides to improving internet safety in the home.

Common Sense Media 



Reading is this most important learning habit your child can develop. In order to access any aspect of the school curriculum, children need to be able to read. We are committed to every child becoming a reader; a reader who reads for pleasure and is able to access the written world around them. This only becomes more important as they grow older and move through secondary school. We would hope that the children are growing their independent learning skills and organising their time appropriately to ensure they are reading daily (or at least 3 times a week). If this is not the case, and you can clearly see that your child has yet to take responsibility for this vital skill, please contact us to discuss this further.

 Accelerated Reader


Here's a website you can use to check if there is an Accelerated Reader quiz on a book you want to read:

AR book finder




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