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Birchfield Community Primary School

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4




Mr Garbett and Mrs Morgan

Teaching Assistant:

 Mrs Delahaye and Mr Pound


Tuesday Come to school in your PE kit - PE is in the afternoon. 

Thursday Times table test

Friday  - Spellings Test - remember to practise!   Reading records will be checked


For Internet Safety Day 2022, the children made their own Internet conversations showing how people can be disrespectful online. Have a look at their examples and what they suggest you do about it.

Here are people reading our work in the morning, before school starts.




School Councillors

We are proud to announce the winners of our school council vote in Year 4,

They both had great manifestos, explaining how they cared about recycling, bullying, the environment and the learning we do in school. We are proud to send them to our school council meetings to represent our views.


Window Wonderland!

 We worked with the artist Natasha Rand to create uplifting window artwork made from tissue paper and black card.

 If you are interested in seeing more of Natasha Rand's artwork around Yeovil, you can go to here website by clicking here.


Layers of soil

We have been studying soil in our science lessons. We did some digging of our own on the school field and found that we could see 3 layers of soil!

Ask your children if they can remember the layers and what they are made up of.



Mammoth hunting!

The children had a great time working in teams, trying to capture mammoths. Ask your children about the 4 ways to capture a mammoth. It was a really fun afternoon.







Music lessons




This year, Year 4 are very lucky to be involved with Somerset Music and will be having brass instrument lessons on Friday afternoons. This is fantastic and we can't wait to share pictures and videos of when the children start learning how to play.



Learners of the week




  • Timestable Rockstars:

    A fantastic way for children to practice and compete against others. Click on the image below to access this very useful site. A "little and often" approach is the best way to help them secure these vital times table facts. 

    TT Rockstars

 Because our children have been working so hard, 51 out of 61 children are now faster than 4 seconds a question! Well done Year 4, keep up the great work!



We all know the importance of reading and studies show that reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children’s educational performance. 

Reading promotes achievement in all subjects, not just English. Children who are good readers tend to achieve better across the curriculum.

In Year 4, children choose their own book within banded levels and take a quiz when they are finished. Children are encouraged to read daily both at school and at home. We ask that the pupils (or parents) record what they have read in their reading record. We encourage parents to listen to children and question them about the books that they are reading. 

Here's a website you can use to check if there is an Accelerated Reader quiz on a book you want to read:

AR book finder

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