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Birchfield Community Primary School

Year 5

Year 5

Teachers: Mrs Dennis and Mrs Messenger 

Learning Support Assistants 

  Mrs, Anderson, Mrs Darby, Miss Doye, Mr Bates , Miss Stanfield and Mrs Kersty Boardripp

Year Group Useful Information 


It is important that the children attend school in the correct uniform. This is for several reasons. Firstly, it creates a level playing field for our children, allowing them to learn without distraction. We also believe that when the children look smart, they feel ready to learn. It is also a great way to prepare the children for Secondary school. Therefore, please ensure that your child attends school in the correct uniform – more information about this is on our website – including black shoes. At this time of year, it would also be great if they could have a named, waterproof coat in school so that they can enjoy time outside too.

Attendance and Punctuality

We are continuing our focus on improving attendance and punctuality at Birchfield as we know that being frequently late and having too much time off school can massively impact the progress your child makes in their learning. Therefore, we would appreciate your support on ensuring your child is here promptly and ready for when the morning bell rings at 8:50am as they have a morning activity to complete as they enter our class to start their day.

Class Rewards

In class, the children will be rewarded for excellent work, excellent behaviour and attitude to learning, participation, for following the class rules and whole school values with our new ‘School Dojo’s’ for their house team, which will be rewarded half-termly.  In addition to this, each child will also work towards their personal rewards of achieving their bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards through achieving different ‘Teacher’s Awards’ that link to their core learning in class. 


  • We continue to expect children in Year 5 to read at least three times a week at home and record this in their reading diary. We will expect to see regular reading and quiz results to reflect this regular approach to reading. Children’s reading records are reviewed weekly to monitor this.
  • Children are also expected to complete their TTRS challenge each week, where they have been challenged to complete 5 minutes of practise of their times tables daily. 
  • Once a term, your child will get a cross-curricular project grid to choose an activity to complete linked to an element of their learning in the classroom. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to work collaboratively with your child and learn together.

Year 5 Termly Homework Grid 


PE will take place every Thursday. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their correct school PE kit on a Thursday: a green top with black/navy shorts, joggers or leggings and trainers. Children should not be wearing non-uniform sportswear or casual clothes into school for these sessions as we wish to encourage all children to take pride in their school uniform. We also ask that children should not be wearing any jewellery and have their hair tied back for these sessions.

This term, the children will also be swimming on Mondays (Starting from Monday 8th January). The children will be expected to come into school in their full uniform as they will get changed for swimming at the pool. They will need to bring their swimming kit with them on a Monday morning and hang this on their pegs first thing. Please ensure your child has appropriate swimming kit: girls – one-piece swimming costume and boys – swimming trunks that are not too big or long.


Below is an overview of the curriculum journey your child will be taking throughout their time with Mrs Dennis and Mrs Messenger in year 5. We hope that together we can learn more about the world around us. 

 Year 5 Journey Map

Our Class Reading Book 

Reading is an important part of our daily activities in Year 5; we believe that reading daily and regularly has several benefits for all children within our class:

  • Reading is fun
  • Reading improves concentration
  • Reading together helps build friendships
  • Reading helps to teach us about the world around us
  • Reading daily - helps improve our reading stamina and ability 
  • Reading improves vocabulary and writing skills  


Top 7 Reading Tips for reading at home

Malamander - written by Thomas Taylor

 Twelve-year-old Herbert Lemon lives and works in the Grand Nautilus Hotel in the strange and frequently foggy seaside town of Eerie-on-Sea. The hotel’s ‘lost and founder’, he’s tasked with cataloguing lost things and trying to find their owners. But his newest ‘lost’ item is rather different: an enigmatic girl called Violet Parma.

Left in the hotel as a baby after her parents mysteriously disappeared, Violet is determined to find out what happened to them and wants Herbert’s help. Following the clues quickly leads Herbert into far more danger than he’d like, opening up a whole lot of questions about the town’s extremely eclectic mix of residents and the secrets they’re hiding. And on top of this, things keep pointing them towards the terrifying legend of the malamander, an infamous local sea monster which Herbert would really rather stayed a legend…

 Here's a website you can use to check if there is an Accelerated Reader quiz on a book you want to read: 



Mobile Phones  If you would like your child to carry a mobile phone with them to school, then your child needs permission to bring one into school. On arriving at school, their mobile phones must be switched off before entering the school grounds and should not be turned back on until after school has finished and your child has left school grounds. 

To gain permission for this, you need to write a letter (or email) to the school office explaining that you have given permission to your child.  
Spring Term Curriculum 

Comparing the UK with the USA





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