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Birchfield Community Primary School

Year 6

Year 6



 Miss Perry, Ms Quast and Mrs Dennis

Teaching Assistant:

 Mrs Guppy, Mrs Rowe, Mrs Bell


Year Group News:

 Welcome to the Year 6 page! 

This term, Year 6 will begin with a geographical and historical topic looking at their current understanding, perceptions and misconceptions of the continent of Africa and the role of the Benin Empire to help them answer the key question: What is Africa? We will further enhance their knowledge and understanding of the rich and diverse cultures present in modern day Africa, through art and design and design and technology. 


Thank you to each and every one of you for your harvest donations - we had a great response, as you can see from the photograph below.


Word Millionaires

Congratulations to the following children - well done on your outstanding attitude to reading!




Shout out to the following for their fantastic progress

Ebony - maths

Gabi - maths

Rudy - maths

Kyle - maths

Alexis - reading

Sasha - reading/maths/SPAG

Tallulah - maths

Darcy - maths/reading

Chloe - maths/reading

Jasmine - maths

Lacey -maths

James - maths

Sammy - maths

Enzo - maths

Mylee - maths

Priya - maths



 Reading is this most important learning habit your child can develop. 

We avoid conversations about whether the children 'like' reading or not and focus simply on the fact that this is a crucial life-skill. In order to access any aspect of the school curriculum, children need to be able to read. This only becomes more important as they grow older and move through secondary school. We would hope that the children are growing their independent learning skills and organising their time appropriately to ensure they are reading daily (or at least 4 times a week). If this is not the case, and you can clearly see that your child has yet to take responsibility for this vital skill, please contact us to discuss this further. 

Cold weather: 

As winter is fast approaching, please ensure your child has a coat with them every day. In addition, we aim for the children to continue their PE sessions on a Monday, weather permitting, but would ask that you send your child in with extra layers should they be necessary. 

PE kit and School Uniform:

PE is an important part of the curriculum and it is expected that all children will participate in PE lessons whenever possible.  They will only be excused from PE if they have a signed note from a parent/guardian explaining why.

PE kit should include black shorts, dark-green or white T-shirt, dark jogging bottoms for cold weather and trainers or daps. We would appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that your child comes to school on Monday in their full PE kit. If your child has pierced ears they will need to remove or tape over them before doing any physical activity.

Please ensure your child's shoes are suitable for the time of year and adhere to the school's uniform policy (ie: they are black).


This term, children in year 6 have Maths and Reading homework.

Maths: the children will be given a piece of maths homework each week to complete in their homework books. In addition, they must ensure they are learning their times tables. If they already know them, they should be using Times Table Rock Star at least three times each week to build their stamina and recall speed.

Reading: the children have a comprehension task each week which they need to complete in their homework books. Please ensure they are completing this in their neatest handwriting and using the text fully in order to answer the questions. 

We will mark homework in class and go through any tricky parts or misunderstandings. As always, if your child has questions about any aspect of their home learning they should ask their class teacher for further help or explanation.


What we are learning:







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